4 Things You Should Know About JNLP Files

All of the files on your computer have an extension. These three or four-letter extensions indicate for a user, or your computer, the type of file that is in use. For example, if it is named myfile.txt has the extension “txt” and indicates that it is a text file. You may find some files on your computer with the extension “jnlp” which indicates that the file is a Java web start file. Most computer users are probably unaware of what these files are. Here are four things you should know about these.

The Functions Of File Extension JNLP

These will aid in the setup of JavaFX and all Java applications online. If you wish to use any Java programs off the web, you will need these. Likewise, in order to manage any and all Java programs on the Internet, you will notice that you have these types of files on your computer.

What Exactly Are They?

JNLP files are used by Java to launch programs and manage Java applications on the Internet or over a network. JNLP is an acronym for Java Network Launching Protocol. These types of files are saved as XML and contain a set of protocols that define the requirements of a particular Java launching mechanism. A file with the file extension JNLP is not run within your own web browser. The file is actually downloaded to your computer where it will be run as any other normal Java application.

JNLP Files Include These Elements

These files include HREF attributes. Just like HREF, the URL will point out the position of the file with a JNLP extension. This feature enables the program to get together with the application manager such as that of Java WebStart. These files also include elements of code-based attributes, which are utilized with the HREF characteristics that use the JNLP.

If Your JNLP Files Do Not Open

There may come a time when a JNLP file will not open. There are a few reasons why that may happen. First, the file may be corrupted. If so, you will need to find another version of the file. It is also possible that the version you have is outdated. Download any current updates and the application should work. If it does not, your operating system may not know which application to use to open it. In that case, you will have to show the computer which application to use.

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