CTI Pre Employment Drug Screening – What To Expect In It

If you are in the field of Computer Telephony Integration or about to join the field, then you are probably aware that one of the requirements for employment is a drug screening or test. For those who unfamiliar with Computer-Telephony Integration or CTI, Computer-Telephony Integration or CT is a term that refers to computers that manage voice calls. Most who are familiar with what CTI is, refers to it as computer telephony. The term computer is also used in reference to systems utilized in contact centers. To illustrate, one example of this kind of service is when a phone call needs to be directed to the appropriate department where the caller wants to be connected. Let’s say the call was meant for technical support, the operator will respond to the call and ask the caller to key in a number that will connect him/her to the technical support department. This is one of the perfect example of how CTI is used.

Before you can enter into the field of CTI though, you will be required to undergo a pre-employment drug screening. These days, a majority of companies require applicants to pass a pre-employment drug test due to the increasing number of accidents, which is caused by alcohol or drug abuse. Although not all CTI-related jobs require a Pre employment drug screening, the medical exam prior to employment already has the drug screening included in it. Here the important things one should know about CTI Pre employment drug screening: The CTI Pre employment drug tests are conducted in two different ways. There are companies will opt to send the applicant to a laboratory of their choice while other companies already have test kits that looks like a pregnancy test kit being sold in drug stores. The latter option is cheaper than sending applicants to a laboratory for the drug test but the lab tests are more efficient.

Although both methods are accurate, the instant test kits are disposable. They should be correctly dispose after usage. If the test is positive, the applicant has to repeat the test. This time, it will not be on an instant test kit. Do take note that drugs stay in your system for as long as 3 days. Some drugs can stay for as long as two weeks or even more. Then again, there are drug tests that can trace drug intake of as long as 90 days prior to the test. Thus, the best option is to stay clean and away from drugs.

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