Hidden Costs Of Breast Lift Surgery

Because plastic surgery is elective, and not entirely necessary, costs almost always fall on the patient. It’s also common knowledge that cosmetic surgery is rather expensive and most patients are required to pay some percentage of the money upfront.

In as much as you may be prepared to pay for the procedure, are you aware of some of the hidden costs of plastic surgery? Here are some of them:


According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as of 2014, a breast lift costs on average $4,377. Even if you may be given a figure of how much the surgery would cost, there is no true way of determining the exact figure. This is because of all the things that you may be charged for which will not be included in the initial quote.

For instance, your consultation may be charged separately from surgery. You may also be required to pay for the prescription medication you’ll be given to deal with pain and reduce the risk of infection. Furthermore, it will be more costly for you if you experience complications which require you to be taken to hospital.

Because of these issues, it’s always advisable that you have a little bit of extra money to use, just in case of any hidden cost you may not be aware of.

Time Off From Work

Some people fail to take into account the fact that they’ll not be able to go to work for several days following the procedure. Most companies don’t allow their employees to take sick days off for a surgery that they elected to have. For the number of days you’re unable to work, your employer may choose to deduct this from your salary.

If you own a business, you need to consider that you may not be in the best shape to conduct business as you normally would. You could instead hire someone to oversee your business for a few days, or you could decide to close it down temporarily. Each of these options will cost you money.

Long-Term Health

In as much as plastic surgery is done to enhance a person’s appearance, it can have adverse effects on health. Hence, it’s important that you go for general check-up to determine whether you are physically capable of undergoing surgery. You should make sure your doctor has chosen an implant that is safe and that he/ she will use anaesthesia that is medically acceptable.


You shouldn’t be surprised that plastic surgery can affect your relationships. It does have a way of changing how you feel about yourself, as well as how you view others.

If you were not comfortable in your body before, now you are. This will affect your relationships in many ways; for instance, you and your partner may even experience a new level of intimacy as a result of your new-found confidence. Also, people may respond to the positive and confident new look you possess, and they too will begin to treat you with respect.

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