How Does Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery Work?

It has long been known that applying heat, and even light, in the form of infrared therapy, can be very effective in curing hemorrhoids. A newer type of therapy, however, in the form of hemorrhoid laser surgery, is fast becoming a popular alternative.

When Is Surgery Used?

In most mild to medium cases of external hemorrhoids, laser therapy is not required to gain relief. Ordinary methods, such as over the counter drugs and home remedies will be sufficient to clear up the problem or the hemorrhoids may simply disappear on their own.

However, in some cases, particularly where internal hemorrhoids are concerned, or where the hemorrhoids are persistent or recurring, surgery may be required to solve the problem.

How Does Laser Work?

Surgery, or laser coagulation, uses an electrical impulse, applied directly to the hemorrhoid, to trigger a chemical reaction in the affected vein. This in turn shuts down blood supply to the vein, and once that happens, the hemorrhoid shrinks, and disappears.

How to Get Surgery

If you find yourself suffering from recurrent or severe hemorrhoids, or if your hemorrhoids are internal, and therefore not treatable by ordinary means, you may find yourself needing hemorrhoid surgery. In this case, you will need to visit your doctor, who will conduct an examination of the area, either externally, or internally, using a special scope.

At this point, your doctor will be able to recommend what type of surgery is most suitable for your particular hemorrhoid problem, and if that is hemorrhoid surgery, they will schedule that for you.

Overall, surgery is an effective option for treating severe hemorrhoid problems, but you should always opt for less invasive methods first, if possible, and keep surgery as an option only if those methods fail. Then again, make sure that you listen to, and take, your doctor advice, and you should be fine.

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