K-Cup Coffee Offers a Cornucopia of Single Serving Java Perfection

K-Cup coffee is the answer to single serving brewing, allowing you to enjoy the perfect break in the midst of your busy day.

Single cup brewing methods have often been ignored, due mostly to the fact that the work and mess involved cannot be justified when the final result is only one serving. Often the same process is necessary whether you are making a whole pot or one cup, so many people would prefer to take a trip to the local coffee shop rather than experience the hassle of brewing their own at home. But, if you could have coffee shop quality in less than a minute and enjoy any flavor your palette desires from the comfort of your lazy boy chair, wouldn't you consider this an appealing option? Of course! How could you resist your own personal gourmet selections, every variety imaginable right at your fingertips, all ready to serve your needs at the simple push of a button?

K-Cups are single serving pods, or little plastic containers, with the filter and ground coffee vacuum sealed inside. Simply place the K-Cup of your choice into the machine and in less than a minute you will be surrounded by enticing aroma and enjoying the first satisfying sip of some of the world's finest coffee. -It's quick and easy, with no messy grounds or sloppy filters. And clean up is simple – just throw the cup away after brewing.

With well over 100 varieties of coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate, you can find a choice that satisfies any mood, meets any preference, and serves every occasion perfectly. Whether you are looking for early morning energy, the ideal complement to a decadent dessert, or a relaxing bedtime brew, K-Cups offer a large selection that will suit individual taste and allow everyone to enjoy their favorite flavor.

Offering the highest quality beans from the finest coffee growing countries in the world including Brazil, Costa Rica, Africa, and Colombia, K-Cups are able to prepackage the freshness and taste of truly exceptional quality. And with a choice of blends ranging from extra bold to light and decaf, organic, fair trade, and even flavored, every cup will provide a unique and satisfying experience. Enjoy the world famous Green Mountain Nantucket Blend or an invigorating espresso, relax with a soothing chamomile tea or intriguing chai; and savor the flavor of smooth French vanilla or a cup of sinfully rich and creamy hot cocoa. From full-bodied to milder blends, from French Roast to Italian Roast, and from Sugar Bush Maple to German Cinnamon Pastry, K-Cups encourage you to deviate from the ordinary and experience something new.

The K-Cup has revolutionized the world of single serving coffee and made it possible to enjoy gourmet brews at a fraction of coffee shop costs. At work, home, and even while traveling, K-Cups are convenient, accommodating, and simple to use. Let the tasting begin!

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