Legalsing Documents for International Employment

More and more students from foreign countries are choosing to continue their studies at UK universities and colleges. Maybe your family has decided to move abroad and your child’s new school requires you to prove their educational history. Due to the fact your educational certificates and qualifications which are required as proof have been issued within the UK they may not be recognised when presented to overseas schools or colleges.

Your UK issued qualifications may require apostille legalisation before they can be accepted by schools, colleges, universities or employers abroad. Once your documents have ben legalised with an apostille they will be accepted in any country which is a member of the Hague convention with out the need for any further legalisation.

There is also an increase in teachers working overseas. Teaching qualifications that prove you can teach a language in another country may need the apostille certificate before employment ID offered.

Large organisations with branches in foreign lands often transfer employees between branches. Staff may seek a position with a new branch in order to advance with the company as it expands. It is not unheard of for a company to relocate to another country to take advantage of tax concessions or more favourable political views. When this occurs it is likely that the employees employment history and qualifications will need to be verified and issued with an apostille before they are accepted.

There are a number of different educational documents which can be legalised with an apostille for use overseas. The list below is a sample of some documents which you may need to present to overseas schools, colleges or employers.

Degree certificates

Masters certificates

GCSE certificates

Vocational certificates

BTEC certificates



A level results

This list is a small sample of documents which may require legalisation and is by no means exhaustive. However different countries may require different documents to be legalised before they are accepted.

Before starting the process of legalising your documents with an apostille you may wish to contact the organisation who the documents will be presented to and enquire which qualifications will be needed and if they will require legalisation before they can be accepted. Once you have verified which documents are needed and if they will require legalisation you may wish to contact an apostille legalisation service provider to help with the process. A service provider can deal with the entire process and prevent the stress of the legalising your documents.

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