Order Your Own Blood Tests Without Needing a Doctor’s Visit or Prescription – It’s Legal and Private

Millions of people visit physicians and hospitals each year for wellness check-ups as well as for help with various health concerns. Most doctors will order blood work to help them determine any possible imbalances, or pertinent disease markers and risk analysis. The blood work-up fees are often extremely high due to the involvement of insurance companies and their rates. Sadly, physician office and hospital overhead plays a role in the cost of these laboratory tests. Doctors certainly have to pay their assistants and support staff, the rent, and utilities and huge malpractice insurance rates, to name a few operational costs. Because of these high overheads they most often pass along a margin of profit that includes all of their daily expenses by percentages. Some doctors charge more or less than the suggested retail cost of blood panel workups.

Due to rising insurance rates and co-pay programs, many patients are paying higher fees out of pocket. These higher fees often keep patients from visiting their doctor’s offices as often as they might like. Because of the fact that less people are regularly seeing their family doctors, more people inadvertently are developing conditions that go undiagnosed. Several very wise blood analysis laboratories have realized that too often blood tests are showing that if a person had come in months earlier a disease state may have been prevented. In order to respond to the needs of the patients directly, there are now some alternative ways for the average person with or without insurance to find out their personal level of health.

Direct Access Testing is now a real thing in America. Professional laboratories that work with the thousands of medical doctors and hospitals in the United States and Abroad are now offering direct blood tests to patients. It is all legal and a fabulous advancement in the ability of the patient to take control of their own wellness plan. If you do not know what your body is suffering, you will not know how to care for it.

Since finding this gem of information and wanting to share it with as many people as possible, I have become a health care provider that will help facilitate the process. If your doctor’s waiting room is overcrowded and you have to wait too long for a simple check-up, why not take some measures to help determine your level of health between office visits. I am not trying to stop your physician from making money, what I am attempting to do is to open your eyes about your rights and opportunities.

Working at the hospitals and clinics with dozens of Medical Doctors through the years, I have seen some doctors who make patients wait two hours for a ten minute visit, only to say, we will draw some blood and see what the lab has to say. This is really a sad thing, because most often the support staff will receive dozens of blood work-up assays daily or weekly and may not be able to properly respond in a timely fashion, or with enough information to help the patient understand the results.

Believe me, it is NOT because these medical professionals and care givers are trying to avoid you, or want you to be in the dark, they are just overcrowded and often very over worked. The laboratories who provide the blood analysis services have gotten wise due to the overabundance of phone calls relating to blood test results and interpretations. Doctors normally do not have the luxury of time to explain a simple blood analysis thoroughly, although patients will dearly cling to anything their physician may offer in the way of an explanation. Most often there is not enough time for the doctor to spend with each patient due to the number of cases they have to deal with each day.

Recently one of my friends who happens to be a Medical Doctor had to agree to see several hundred more patients because his partner died of a massive heart attack without warning. Many many doctors are suffering themselves and they do not have the luxury of time to spend on their own well-being. Hopefully, that will change, but in America we are a highly-stressed nation overall and we do not schedule relaxation into our daily lives frequently enough.

If you wish to have a common CBC panel, or some other type of tests to help determine if you are suffering from diabetes, anemia,allergies, a hormone imbalance, ulcers, infection, stress, prostate concerns, mononuclesis, cardiac panel, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid disease, how your liver, gallbladder, digestion are, or if you are a candidate for cancer, HIV, Hepatitis, or other diseases, you can visit a convenient lab to schedule a simple blood draw. If you just want a fabulous Wellness Analysis you can have that too. Some tests are available as Home Tests and can be done in the comfort of your own home quickly and easily. You have the choice to involve your family medical doctor or to ask questions of the medical doctors who work at the laboratories. They will gladly explain the findings and encourage you to seek medical assistance if necessary.

Since this forum is not meant to be used to advertise any particular business, I cannot give you the names and phone numbers of the participating laboratories. However, if you wish further information you may contact my office directly, or write to me through the website below. 847/836-8345

Stay informed…stay well!

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