Pre-Employment Personality Test Answers

How Do You Take a Pre-Employment Personality Test?

Very carefully.

When you're very close to being hired for a job, you will often face one last hurdle. You will be required to log onto a site and take a timed, pre-employment personality test that is supposed to weed out the poor applicants and highlight the best man or woman for the job.

It would be great if it worked that way, but unfortunately, as with all other standardized tests, you need to know how to answer the questions on these tests. Otherwise, you'll get the question wrong.

They told you that there are no right or wrong answers? I hope you didn't believe that … it's a lie. There is only one right answer for each question and this article will help you to identify what they're actually asking. That way, you can choose the best answer. It won't make all the answers crystal clear, but it will help to weed out the ones that are blatantly wrong.

What are They REALLY Asking?

Let's go through a couple of example True / False questions:

Is it wrong for someone to escape conviction on a technicality?

You may be inclined to say True. If someone is guilty they should probably go to jail. But what they're really asking is if you believe in our justice system. That would make the answer False.

I always love to be in large, noisy crowds.

You may not always like to be in large noisy crowds, so you might answer False. What they're really asking is whether or not you like people and can deal with it at work when it is busy. That makes the answer True.

I get along with everyone.

No one gets along with everyone. Everyone know this. If you're answering the test honestly, as you have been told to do, you'll admit this. But that's not really what they're asking. They're asking if you are able to get along with most people, especially customers and co-workers. Even if you don't, you'll pretend to for the sake of your paycheck. So, you need to answer this question and anyone like it as True.

Taking extra supplies home that we don't use at work is a good way to recycle.

The word recycle sounds good, and many of us know that there are things that are never, EVER used at work. However, without specific permission, you never, EVER take anything from work. The answer to this is False.

I know people who steal.

We all do, right? So you're going to answer True. What the question is really asking is "Are you honest or do you hang out with thieves?" That makes the correct answer False.

I work well with direct supervision.

While you may work well under direct supervision, they real question is whether or not you need direct supervision, or will you slack off. The answer to this question is False.

What you need to keep in mind as you take a Pre-Employment Personality Test is the underlying question. There is a significant amount of double talk going on in these tests, so try to figure out what they're really asking, and don't worry about sparing anyone's feelings. By trying to be Mr. Nice-Guy you're only going to let someone else have the job you deserve.

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