Rediscovering Music – A Music Book Review of a Work That Will Make You Think

How can you help kids understand the philosophy behind music before they fully understand what philosophy is? How can you teach them a deeper understanding of the history of music or why it is so much a part of what it is to be human? How can you project music into your child’s curriculum and set of interests to help them launch into a lifetime love of music?

How about yourself? Would you like to re-discover music from the very basics forward? Have you considered what you may have missed when you first learned of music? Even if you cannot carry a tune or play a musical instrument, you can become one with the melodies and find yourself with a deeper understanding that will make your music enjoyable and rich well into the future. How so you ask? Well, let me recommend the perfect book for you, your kids and your entire family:

“Make Mine Music!” by Tom Walther – 1981.

Are you truly interested in music, ever wonder why it has such an effect on you? Would you like to re-discover music in a way that is meaningful? Then this is the perfect book for you. Music, and acoustics are a science as much as an art. Think about what’s behind musical instruments, rhythm and how simple things can be used to create interesting and unique melodious sounds.

The book has ideas, experiments and simple solutions that can help you demonstrate the art of sound and the basis behind music to your children and leave you with a wonderful new view of the tunes and sounds you have come to love, no matter what type of music that you are into.

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